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Cobra MX534SPH 52CM /21" Petrol Lawnmower This Honda Powered lawnmower from Cobra with variable speed drive is Powered by a Honda GCV170 four-stroke engine as well as a 4-speed gear box to make it a self-propelling. Simply engage wheel drive using the handlebar lever and the mower will move comfortably across the grass under its own power leaving you free to concentrate on guiding the machine to where it's needed. For added comfort the MX534SPH is also fitted with soft grip handles.

Fitted with a six-stage centralised cutting height adjuster, the MX534SPH is capable of providing a fantastic finish regardless of the length of the grass. With a cutting width of 52cm (21'') and a cutting height of 25mm-75mm this petrol lawnmower will make quick work of most cutting jobs.

The 4-in-1 capabilities of the MX534SPH gives the operator total control over the cutting procedure, with the four options being: cut and collect, cut and drop, cut and mulch & cut and side-discharge. The first option sends the grass cuttings to the 65 litre polyester cutting bag with a solid lid, with the remaining three returning the cuttings to the lawn. You can cut and drop, leaving the clippings spread across the entire cutting width, encouraging rapid break-down if the grass is not too long. Alternatively, you can mulch the cut grass by recycling and reducing the clippings to fine particles beneath the cutter deck, helping promote even faster decomposition. The fourth and final mode is to discharge the cut grass through a chute attached to the right-hand side of the machine, ideal when wanting to avoid leaving clippings close to buildings or walls or on paths, driveways or paved areas.